Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I chose to study the Facebook group "Sowerby and Luff's Fully Optamised Social Media Network" because this group is showing that there is an increasing removal of barriers between the audience and the media they are consuming.  I did not isolate any particular individuals but observed the general activities of the whole group, which, incidentally, only a very small number of the members of the group choose to participate in the activities of the page. I did not isolate any one particular person's patterns because activity in the group fluctuates by day and often by week, with very  few highly active members posting on a semi regular basis.

So far I have only collected data on posts made, post likes, comments, and comment likes. The data was collected through browsing through the page and selecting material from the week between the release of two shows. I analyzed the data by looking at how many post were made and how much of the content was used in the show following the date the content was added. I chose to observe the activity of the group because I noticed that people who had not been active before often had posts go unnoticed by the other group members, and I felt that my presence of active participation might halt conversations that already existed in the group. This study falls into the tradition of online ethnography.

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