Friday, August 30, 2013

About Me!

I am a first year graduate student pursuing my MA in English at University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). My main areas of interest for my degree are, 19th century American Literature, Queer themes in Literature, and composition, specifically how literature is composed.  I plan at pursuing two Ph.Ds in English (one specializing in Queer Theory and  one in Composition Theory) with the long term goal to be a Literature professor, Literary Theorist, and Writer. I graduated in May of 2013 with my BA in English concentration Literature with a minor in History. My love of Literature and the Humanities were fostered through my Home School education. Despite my love of the Humanities, I entered college below level in writing, but worked diligently to improve my writing skills in my first year. This experience has also fostered a love of helping students learn and improve their basic writing skills.

I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and English Honor society, and serve as an officer of my campus' chapter, and I serve as an officer in Understory, a club at UAA that focuses on putting forth an annual creative arts magazine showcasing the best of Undergraduate visual art and creative writing at UAA. I was published in the the 2012 issue (you can find my story on page 44), and I was editor of the 2013 issue. Creative writing is one of my passions, I was featured in a creative writing showcase in 2012 (my reading starts at the 19 minute mark, and am intermittently working on two manuscripts. I have a few short stories and random pseudo-academic essays/articles featured on my personal blog

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